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Boat trip along rivers and canals.
Please, don't forget that the second name of our city is Venice of North and a trip along numerous rivers and canals with beautiful bridges make your visit to our city especially memorable.
A public boat starts at 7.00pm each day. Duration is 1 hour. The cost includes: English-language audioguide, transfer by car/mini van, boat fees.
If a private boat we can start at any time, duration of the tour is 1 hour. The cost includes: guide services, transfer by car/mini van, boat fees.
Folk show at Nikholaevsky Palace "Feel yourself Russian".
The naturally deep emotions of Russian folklore are certainly emphasized by the magnificent interior of this Palace. The "Feel Yourself Russian" show which is staged here is a unique opportunity to experience the history and spirit of Russia.
The show starts with the dance group called "Reverence," beautiful ladies in crinolines and their elegant cavalier, accompanied by the "Classica" string quartet. It is followed by a folk instruments ensemble "The Souvenir" in a performance of folk compositions, a Cossack song and dance company called "Maidan" which reproduces on stage Cossack songs and dances in their original form, and musicians of " Naigrysh," a folk instruments quartet performing versions of famous Russian tunes.
In the intermission, refreshments include a buffet table of fruit, canapé, soft drinks, vodka, champagne and juice. But portions are really very small, so it is difficult to call it a buffet.
The cost includes performance itself + the cost of transfer + snacks during the intermission. They perform each day and the show starts at 7.00pm (with 20 minutes break during which they serve refreshments). Duration is about 1,5 hours.
The cost of the tour is 80 EUR per person.
Russian ballet.
They start either at 7.00pm or 8.00pm. The playbill is known one month prior the performance.
On your request we can arrange tickets to one of the following theatres:- Mariinsky Theatre, Mikhailovsky Opera House, The Hermitage Theatre, Alexandrinsky theatre or Pushkin Drama, The Theatre of Opera and Ballet of St.Petersburg Conservatory. Duration is 1,5 - 3 hours.
"The world of Faberge" tour.
This tour is specially designed for those who wish to explore the Faberge museum individually with audio guide. The gem of this museum is the collection of Faberge items, including world famous Faberge Easter eggs, artistic jewellery, tsar's webpts, items in Art-Nouveau style. Not to mention you will see works of famous Russian artists like I.Aivosovsky and K.Makovsky, observe the collection of enamel artworks and see old Russian icons.
6.45 pm - Pick you up from a hotel. (starting time can be adjusted to your tour).
7.15 - 8.45 pm - Faberge Museum. You will get an audio guide inside the Faberge museum and spend 1,5 h time to get a deeper understanding of Russian jewellery art.
9.15 pm - Return to a hotel.