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Gatchina is a town located 45 kilometers south of St. Petersburg.
Alexander the III is the last but one Russian emperor. After tragic death of his father, he, with his family, settled in the Gatchinsky Palace, which became his main residence.
There lasts the childhood and training of the future emperor-Nicolay, the last Russian tsar. In that time Gatchina became one of the most popular place. Emperor himself lived in small, low room on the last floor, decorated according to the taste petty bourgeois of that time. Before the war there was the unique complex of private of family of Alexander the third.
Gatchinsky palace-park's ensemble-one of the outstanding model of palace-park building in Russia. It possesses unique individual and all that complete pearl ring of suburban. Several generations architects worked to create ensemble.
During this time proprietors were changing, appearance of pavilions were changing too, up influence of new art tastes but all time was well preserving unity nature and architecture.
You will visit a beautiful park-forest, which surrounds the Castle of Paul I. The park has a splendid landscape and a big lake in the middle. You can take a boat and row across the lake enjoining the view to the Castle. The trip includes:
- visiting Palace,
- walking in a beautiful forest,
- a boat rawing across a picturesque lake,
- lunch at a local cozy restaurant (upon request, not included into the price).