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The city is especially beautiful during the White Nights, i.e. from May 23 to July 21. At this time of year darkness falls in St. Petersburg for only a short while, after midnight, and the transparent air is bound to put you into a romantic mood. Speaking frankly, there is no night.
The nightly raising of the bridges over the Neva is a sight that attracts large numbers of tourists. Each bridge has its own set time for being raised. Before the bridges go up, don't forget to make sure that you are on the right side of the river to get home when you have finished admiring the scenery; otherwise, you risk having to stand around for several hours until the bridges go down again and the only way to cross the river will be flying…if you, of course, have wings.
Another option is to charter a boat and see St. Petersburg from the water. Boats can be hired at many quays (e.g. on Palace Embankment, kanal Griboedova, the Fontanka, and the Moyka). It is better perhaps to take a small boat all to yourself rather than to share the company of a noisy crowd on a larger vessel - although this, of course, is a matter of personal taste. Though there also are double deck big boats with music playing on board, a restaurant or café inside. Such a boat will definitely give you a feeling of being "a luxurious person".
If you find your interest in St. Petersburg remains unsatisfied by the above, try a guided tour with our guides by bus. This option may be more comfortable for those who are not ready to spend 3 hours on the water and prefer to go to bed after the attraction ends.
The historical center of the city alone has 342 bridges. Many tourists mistakenly believe that all of the city bridges are drawn up for the night, but in reality only 22 of them do.
For cruise line passengers we are happy to offer a special guided evening tour "White Nights of St.Petersburg". The tour starts at 23.45 p.m. and lasts for 2 hour. You will drive around the night city and see the palaces and embankments in White Night light. Your guide will show you the most picturesque buildings and bridges lit by mysteries night light and tell you about unique traditions of St.Petersburg White Nights. You will have a possibility to have a stop in the places that appeal to you most and take pictures or just have a little relaxing walk there and have a glass of champagne on the Neva River Embankment.